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18 November 2011 the young group "Ancient Bards" presented their second album: "Soulless Child". An ideal moment to interview them, we thought at Darkview. We are very thankful to pianist Daniele Mazza van Ancient Bards, to make some time to answer our questions!


First of all I would like to thank you for taking the time to conduct this interview for Darkview.

Daniele, you wrote a saga which is the basis for the songs you perform as a group. Has the name of the band "Ancient Bards" anything to do with the saga?

Daniele: Hello everyone! The name  Ancient Bards  has no connection with what is told in the saga. We didn’t wanna tie our name to what we do now, so once the Black Crystal Sword Saga is finished we can tell many other stories without having to bonds.

Is there a story after the name "Ancient Bards"?

There wasn’t a real search for the name "Ancient Bards", it materialized in my mind all of a sudden, and I immediately liked it! Basically we tell stories through music, just like bards did in the middle ages, so I thought the name was perfect!

Except  for Sara, you all took lessons in music, was it then a childhood dream to become a famous musician?

I don’t know, I mean when you’re a kid you do things because you like to do them, not because you think they will bring you somewhere. All of us were greatly passionate about music, but I guess none of us ever dreamed big when we were children, the thought of making music seriously came later.

What makes metal so special for you, that you have decided to make a metal band?

Metal is a genre of music that’s really full of nuances that can be enriched with whatever you want, it is also energic and it fits perfectly to our saga. Then it is also the kind I most appreciate, along with movie soundtracks, and that's why when I founded the Ancient Bards I decided that our sound would be like that: Symphonic Epic Power Metal.

What was the first metal band you listened?

The first one? Wow, it  happened so long ago, I started listening to heavy metal in secondary school: Marilyn Manson, System of a Down,  Metallica and Iron Maiden. Then in 2004 I discovered Rhapsody with SOEL Pt.II and it was love at first sight!

Is there a (metal)band that is a real example and has influence on your music?

Of course, as I said before, discovering Rhapsody was definitely the step that made ​​me decide to put in music the saga I wrote. And I can definitely say that Rhapsody is the closest band to us, although thanks to the work of each one of us,  we managed to give an touch of originality. Then it is inevitable to mention the great composers who influence me every day in the field of music like Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Nobuo Uematsu, Mozart, Bach, and many more ...

The choice of music you perform is metal with epic and symphonic influences. What is your opinion of using a real orchestra for the symphonic part?

Well it would be wonderful! Recording with an orchestra is one of my many dreams ... But for now we are satisfied with digital orchestra  samples, they’re much less expensive, but make a good result! eheheh

Daniele, I have read that you love Mozart, Bach, Beethoven. Is there one specific piece of these composers you like the most or has a big influence on the music you make now?

Only one? It's really hard to find a piece better than the other, I love classical music in all its variety! If I were to choose a piece, I’d say say Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven, but I'm sure that by the end of the interview I'll have changed my mind 3 or 4 times! hehe

Your new cd "Soulless Child" has arrived, how long did you work on this cd?

I wrote the tracks some years ago, I just rearranged a few things this year, while the recordings took place this summer at Damination Studio and they lasted something like a month, a month and a half, considering the recordings, the editing, the mixing and the mastering

Your graphic designer Matteo Pasquali, did he also made the new cover? There is a person carrying a child, I assume this refers to the title of the album. Was this the only proposal for the cover or how do you chose the cover of our album(s)?

The cover for soulless child was made by the great designer Felipe Machado Franco, and yes, it refers to the title of the album as the boy carried is exactly the soulless child! This one was the first proposal, we liked it from the beginning because it represented exactly what we wanted! We always want to give the idea of what is kept inside the story, but leaving some mystery so the listener is more curious about the story and reads the lyrics to understand what scene is represented in the cover.

One last question: When do we see you performing in Belgium? Perhaps Graspop 2012?

I hope very soon! Our manager is working hard on planning the dates, and it would be wonderful to come in Belgium!

Keep on Rocking

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