altTheir new cd is comming out soon and Anton kabanen was happy to meet with us. We would like to thank you, for taking the time to answer our questions.

Battle beast is not yet known that well, for the people who have never heard of the band. Can you give us some more info?

Hey, BATTLE BEAST are Nitte Valo (lead vocals), Pyry Vikki (drums), Juuso Soinio (guitar), Eero Sipilä (bass and backing vocals), Janne Björkroth (keyboards and backing vocals) and me, Anton Kabanen (guitar, lead and backing vocals). We come from Finland and we play Heavy Metal. The band was officially founded in 2008. We released our debut album “Steel” in April 2011 in Finland via Hype Records and Nuclear Blast will release the album worldwide in January 2012.

You are tremendously influenced by Judas Priest, Manowar, … Are these big examples of Battle Beast?

Those bands have influenced especially me. Each member of the band has their own favorite bands, of course. And when it comes to songwriting there has been many other sources of influence as well, not just bands.

In 2010 you won W:O:A metal Battle. Was this a special moment for you guys ?

Yes, absolutely. After the Metal Battle we got a lot more attention in the metal scene and various labels started to show their interest in us. The whole experience of being and playing at Wacken was something really cool. It was our first big gig.

Show me How To Die is now already a hit in Finland. Did you expect such an interest?

No. It was a nice surprise that people like that song. To us it's still just a song among other songs, even though it has been played on the radio many, many times.

Where do you derive ‘the power’ from the music? And the song lyrics?

The power comes from simplicity. We got simple riffs and beats. On top of that there are high screaming vocals and catchy melodies. So basically we use the basic elements of what Heavy Metal is made of. The lyrics are mainly influenced by cyberpunk movies and literature but also this Japanese manga and anime series “Berserk” has been quite an inspiration.

I see that you are doing a very extended tour, but not trough Belgium. When can we expect the band?

As soon as we get the chance to come to Belgium, we'll come!

Many fans love ‘’Steel’’, Rumba magazine even chose you to metal artist of the year. Dos that taste for more?

It's cool to know that “Steel” has found its home in the hearts of many fans. We feel surprised and happy about it. We'll just keep on making and playing honest music.

I read somewhere that Battle Beast will support Nightwish in their Imaginaerum Tour. Is this true? And how did this cooperation came into existence? And what are the expectations?

Yes, it's true. Nightwish management asked us to join the upcoming tour and we gladly accepted their offer. We feel honoured and humble about it. It's a 'once in a lifetime experience' that we don't want to miss. We hope that many Nightwish fans become our fans as well. It's gonna be a big adventure, no doubt.

Is there something you want to say to our readers and your fans?

Thank you for reading this interview. I hope you guys and girls come to our shows to see the real deal, and become BATTLE BEAST fans! And remember to buy “Steel” as well. A big thanks to our fans for their unending support. Take care everyone.

Keep on Rocking

Your cd kicks ass like hell!!

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