Late autumn of 2005, 4 young German men, (Julian Schenke, Marc Brunke, Jan Hein and Martin Simon) started a band called Kabrium. The first few years it stayed quite still around this group but in October 2007 they published there first mini-Demo. From then on they started to recording there own songs. When in 2009 Fabien joined the group, the success of the band kept on coming, so need and the desire for an own album became more louder. On November 25th their dream became truth: the release of their first album "Shadowpath" is a fact.

In this light I had the honor to interview the group and it was Jan Hein, the keyboard & composer of the band, who was so kind to answer my questions!

Congratulations with your first album! And thank you for your time.

I assume it's a relief that the CD is in stores after the hard work?

Your're right! It was really hard to bring “Shadowpath” in stores. We are very happy about that now.It's great to see our album beside all these great bands!

How hard is it these days for a new band to come up with original music while there is somany competition around you?
Well, I think that you have to forget this competition. Our intentions isn't to be as good as anyone.We just want to make good music without any Competition-thoughts. It is not original to write Songs,that sound like any other Band. The best way to express your own feelings is to be yourself. I triedthis, and it worked. I think “Shadowpath” can't be compared to other Bands. And that is the reasonwhy it's original.

You funded the cd yourself, why? Does this mean that no label or producer was interested inyour music?
Yes, we recorded “Shadowpath” on our own. But this doesn't mean that no label or producer wasinterested in our music. Our thought was, that a label would be much more interested in a band witha professional recorded album like “Shadowpath”.

Thomas Rettke is your producer, a man that worked with great bands in the past. How didthat feel to work with him and how did you decided that you would work with him?
Our producer wasn't Thomas Rettke. He was supposed to sing a song for us, but he couldn't due to adisease case. Our producer was Torsten Sauerbrey who plays in the band “My Inner Burning”. It feltgreat to work with him. He knew what Kambrium should sound like, and so he did a great job! Eventhough he doesn't like long songs ;-)

Where does the title "Shadowpath" come from?
I came up with the idea because Shadowpath describes the paradox things that can happen in thelife of everyone. Shadowpath stands for something you can't describe, but you know that it's there.Maybe you have to follow your own shadow to reach everything you ever wanted.

Your cd is listed under progressive/epic death metal. Is this your decision? (If so, why did youchose it?)
In our opinion Epic Death Metal is a quite good description for our music. It shows that Kambriumis more than another modern Metal-band. We think that many elements are progressive but stillcatchy. “A Sinner's Remorse” for example is an epic, progressive song, but on the other hand everymelody is quite simple to handle with.

What makes it that the cd is this kind of metal music?
We all love that style of music because it gives us so much space to express our feelings.

You all listen to metal, but Jan you also listen to classical music, do you have any favoritepeace or favorite composer?
Yes, I really like to listen to classical music and I love the music of Beethoven. But I also likethe modern classical music in film scores. One of my favorite composers is Howard Shore who made the sound score for “Lord of the rings”.

As for Julian, you also listen to Ragga and Drum 'n Bass, never thought of composing music inthis kind of music?
Yes Julian likes this kind of music very much, but he doesn't want to compose Drum 'n BassSongs.

I saw on your site that you are going to perform at Rock Harz 2012. Good luck and hopefullyyou may win this battle! Do you see this as a ideal way to start promoting your cd?
Thanks! Performing on a festival is always a great way to promote our music. Will will give our best towin that battle!

As a last question, are there plans of a promo tour around Europe?
We are planning our next gigs right now. It would be nice to go on tour and see all you guys there!

Thank you for your time!

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