Due to their new release "The Greatest Hits on Earth" we went to the underworld and where brave enough to face the fierce deathstars. We encountered Whiplasher and decided to have a little talk. The answers to our most daring questions are found below.

You called the new cd ‘’The greatest hits on Earth’’. Is it out of conviction that it really is the greatest. Or a clever piece of marketing?
- I think the songs give a good picture of what we’ve been doing the last decade, and that is the whole point with it. The title is of course a play with words since we have a song called ”The greatest fight on earth”. This is all about closing one chapter and moving into a a new.

You toured with Rammstein, which seems an interesting combination. Aren’t you afraid people will compare Deathstars with Rammstein again?
- Since there isn’t many bands at all playing this kind of music of course you get compared to eachother. If you play black metal there are 100 0000 bands doing that and they never get compared to eachother even though the most of them sound the same. It’s pretty naturalt hat if there only are like five bands playing this you get compared.. There are similarities and there are differences.

How was the cooperation with the band?
- With Rammstein? Great! We have a great time together. A lot of partys. And the tour is sold out so it is of course nice. We’ve been talking about touring before so now when it worked out it is great.

There are 3 songs on the cd which are remixed. Where you afraid of the fans reactions?
- There are no remixes on the album.

How did you choose the 16 best songs. Was it trough some kind of process? After all, with 4 albums you have a lot of very good songs.
- It is three albums. And no – it wasn’t that hard to choose the ones that we wanted to put in there.

I read that you like Rob Zombie. Can we expect a cooperation in the future?
- I have never listened to him really, but what he does is very cool so I don’t know. I have never even met him.

A question of one of our readers: besides deathstars, is there any hobby that you are passionate about?
- We all have different hobbies. I like hanging out in the woods, fishing and so on.

Besides the “TGHOE” album, are songs being written for a new album?
- Yes, we have a lot of new material and we write constantly. We’ll record a new album as soon as we feel 100% about the material.

How would you describe the direction in which Deathstars will grow? Is there an aspect of your music you would like to emphasize?
- I can’t really tell right now, but as I said - it feels like we are moving into a new chapter. We feel more motivated now since before we joined Rammstein on tour we had been taking a break for more than one year from playing live, and now it feels really good to do the shows, which makes us more motivated to enter the studio. The material will be mothefuckin’ awesome, I can tell you that.

Thank you Whiplasher!

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