After the new releases of their new Cd 'Insects' we had the chance to talk to v.03/170 from farsot.

Info about the band is pretty scares and mostly in German. Was this a well thought decision? 

Though we're a German band, it's in the nature of things, that older information to be found in mags or in the internet is in German language. But the passing years and the heavier weight of spreading information on the internet has forced some kind of internationalization. Our news 're meanwhile getting out in an English version too. That the content is minimized is intended by ourselves. We want to let the music talk for itself – no need for long personal descriptions of the persons behind, no boring life-time-stories or much too often seen studio-reports.

How do you occupy yourselves when you’re not recording or creating music? 

Well, there's a lot of things. First of all, we have jobs, which aren't besides farsot. Farsot is besides the jobs, so they're mostly quite time-consuming. Some of us are engaged in other creative activities, like designing or doing video stuff, some do sports and some have family. So we're busy overall.

III was released in 2007. Why wait 4 years to release a new record?

The main points can be found in the previous answer. Farsot isn't a commercial band, so we 're occupied in many other directions. We have to schedule our time well, but we think our progress isn't too slow. While other bands put out an album every year, we try to give our music time to breathe and develop. We absolutely dislike precipitate releases. For us it's more about figuring out details, which makes music living and standing out from bands with an annual release-cycle.

Are there bands or people that inspire you and your music? 

Many – too many to quote here without leaving out important ones.

I read that you listen to Jazz and Classic music. Did you ever thought to merge these styles with the music of Farsot ?

Some influences can be heard, as well on “IIII” as on “Insects”. Take “7” for example. It's jazzy mood, the slightly distorted guitars and the Rhodes piano … but mostly the influences aren't so apparently. Often they're well hidden in the tracks. Maybe, they 'll come out a bit clearer on the next release? Who knows? We don't …

When will you tour in Belgium?

We already had some gigs in Belgium in the past. On our last tour with Dark Fortress we have toured with two Belgian bands, Serpentcult and Sardonis, so some of the gigs have been on Belgian ground. We hope to be able to visit you soon again, though the gigs have been great. But there 're no actual plans.

Are you already planning for a new album?

It's a bit too early, to contemplate a new album. First we want to calm down after the exertions around “Insects”, maybe play a tour to promote the album and do some festival shows. In spite of that all we're not lazy and 're writing songs. Not more, not less … we'll announce a new album, when we feel, we're on a good way.

Thanks for the Interview.

v.03/170 for farsot.

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