In light of their more recent album we got the chance to talk to Jack Starr, and ask him more info about the cd and the band.

I just love Land Of The Dead. Do you yourself have a favorite number on the cd ?

My favorite song on the Cd is Sands of Time

I found that the song Twilight Of The God was a strange number in combination with the other songs. Is there a specific idea behind the song ?

Twilight of the Gods was written to be an intro to our live concerts and serve to create the mood of impending danger and power. This song is meant to be played in the dark with the only light coming from cell phones or cigarette lighters.

The band was named after you, but aren’t you afraid that the other band members will be put in the shadow true this ?

I think that it would be impossible to put people like Rhino and Todd and Ned in the shadows, they are great players with great stage persona and even if I wanted to, I don’t think anybody can put them in the shadows!!

You already had a large career behind you. What was the most memorable moment that you still remember today.

The most memorable moment for me was when I was doing a festival in Paris and my band was staying in a very nice hotel with Venom as our hall mates. Well what happened is that everyone drank way too much and I went outside looking for ice with no clothes on and I was locked out of my room and had to go downstairs to the lobby naked holding my privates to get another key.

Is there some matter that you took from your time in Manowar and Virgin Steele to Jack starr’s burning starr?

Yes I love the sound of power metal and I like to blend the classical and the heavy and this is something that I was doing in Virgin Steele and this is something that Manowar does also.

Does it never become difficult to keep reinventing yourself ?

It is fun to reinvent yourself and I am happy that I can still do this, but for me the best thing is that I feel that I have gotten better and better and I am playing the best guitar that I have ever played and now I have the best band of my career with the great vocals of Todd Michael Hall who has an incredible range and the rock solid bass work of Ned Meloni who is now doing a lot of the songwriting and of course it is impossible to not mention the powerful drumming of Rhino who I feel is one of the best drummers in rock today.

Did you see your fans evolving with the years? Or do you now play for a whole new audience?

I think that the Burning Starr fans are evolving and growing and spreading thru out Europe and the world ,we have just begun to fight and we are hungry and want to take this music all over the world because I believe that it is worthy of this

Are there still things after all these years that you want to accomplish?

Yes there are lots of things I would like to accomplish for instance one day I would like to have hair as long as Ned and Todd lol and one day I would like to sing as high as Todd just to feel what it must be like hitting those operatic notes and really all joking I have accomplished something that has always been very important to me and that was making a great well produced and powerful sounding and thanks Bart Gabriel for his wonderful production this has become true ,and also thanks to Limb Music for believing in us and signing us

When can we expect the band in Belgium ?

It really is our wish to play in Belgium and in France and I hope to one day do that ,I am sure that this will happen soon because of the great team we have in Europe with Bart Gabriel and Limb Music

Is there something that you want to say to your fans?

I want to say a big thanks to our fans and let them know that it is our hope to play live for them and to meet each one of them and show them how much we appreciate them and then have a drink together, Keep the Metal Burning

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