magic kingdomIn light of their most recent album,Dushan from Magic Kingdom agreed to meet up and have a little chat about what they are doing and of course answer a few questions about this fantastic record.

First of all, congratulations with your last cd "symphony of war". Magic Kingdom sings about mythical times and legends. Is there a thematic touch hidden behind Symphony of War?

Thanks a lot for your kind words. Not really ,its always a different story depending on the songs. With a heroic fantasy touch ,but also nowadays meanings as pollution and  earth  problems. The only song with only one theme is the long metal opera we have 'metallic tragedy chapter 2 /The Holy Pentalogy. This is really a kinda cinematic approach, with 5 different characters/singers which you can read in the extended booklet we have .

Its already more than a half year ago since Symphony of War was released. Are you someone who needs a lot of time to recharge your batteries between releases. Or are the creative ideas flowing rapidly again?
well, I also have another band -IRON MASK -and when I finish a Magic Kingdom album I always write for my second band. So I’m always kinda very busy, writing new songs and starting a new production, the new album -Black as death will be release by 16th December via AFM records. After that I’ll start working on the next Magic Kingdom album. I like keeping me very busy and get the creative flow as much as possible. But of course I need to recharge batteries once in a while. And then forget about music completely to clean my head before returning into the composition process.

You started in 1998 and so far have released 3 cd's With roughly 5 years in between. In those silent years you created your solo Project Iron Mask, That makes another 3 cd's. Do you have trouble treating each project with the same amount of dedication and energy?

Not at all. Of course it’s tough coz I always try to get the best out of me and not to repeat myself. And that’s the most important.  I can write many songs, but only keep the best.

As Belgian artist with 2 bands you are defiantly pressing your mark on the Belgian metal world. Are beginning bands looking up to you?
After playing guitar more than 30 years ,yeah I started very young and played almost everywhere in Belgium. I have seen lot of new fans and guitar players asking me for hints and advices. I always try my best to explain that it is  a very hard way to be a musician in Belgium. You have to really only focus on that if you want to succeed internationally and at least getting some kind of fame. Even in Belgium, you need a great devotion to the guitar and a lot of sacrifices.

Where do you want to be within 2 to 5 years with Magic Kingdom. Do you want to tour more intensively or want to stand on big festivals?
Nowadays, you need to play just as much as possible ,everywhere. I played at graspop and such big festivals. And I always say yes if we need to play in a smaller club or even a café.  We need to play, we enjoy that everywhere and every time people love to see us. And this is the most important.

What went around the whole process of writing the songs for Symphony of War. How was the exchange of ideas in the band?

I always write everything myself, lyrics and music. this is the way I work for years and this is the best for me. I know how my music needs to sound. and what is catchy for me will please many fans as well. But of course anyone in the band is free to play the music I write with his own groove. Besides there's not much space for improvisations as everything is ready before I start showing the band the songs to record.

One last question. When and where will Belgian fans be able to enjoy your musical ear candy?

Thanks!!!  Well,  we have two dates next year already confirmed with Iron Mask in April. more info’s here
many thanks for the interview and see you soon!!!!

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