Before we start, I would like to congratulate you with your latest cd.

1) where does the name Thulcandra come from and did you use to have another name?

Thulcandra was founded in 2003 by Steffen Kummerer & Juergen Zintz to write material in the vein of the early 90ies black and death metal scene. For example Unanimated, Dissection, Sacramentum & Eucharist where huge influences at that time. After a first demo recording Juergen committed suicide and the band was on held for a few years and I focused on my main band, Obscura. Within the year 2008 Sebastian & Tobias Ludwig joined the band and we recruited Seraph (Dark Fortress) as drummer to finally record our debut album which was released in 2010 via Napalm Records. After a full European tour we entered the Woodshed Studios (Obscura, Tryptikon, Pestilence) and tracked the second effort, "Under A Frozen Sun". We never used another name.

2) I read that you and Juergen Zintz were inspired by Dissection and Unanimated, what appeals to you in this music?

We wanted to write material in the vein of those bands we looked up at the time. Back then besides the mentioned acts Mörk Gryning, Sacramentum & many other fantastic groups released great album. The whole scene was vital and active. Unfortunately nowadays it seems like this style is almost forgotten by the public and only a few sorted bands follow the way the forefathers went in.

3) What did the death of Juergen Zintz mean to you guys and did it change anything in your style?

When Juergen passed away the band was on hold for many years. While he brought more a touch of Eucharist & old Dark Tranquillity to the fold, I wrote the more dark sided material with a massive black metal appeal to the tracks. If you listen to the demo tracks we rearranged to the debut album you will clearly hear the difference to nowadays writing mode.

4) Did the recruitment of the twins Tobias en Sebastian Ludwig happen through tryouts or did you already know each other?

We knew each other since many years and knew what to expect from each other. I steped in for 6 shows in 2005-2006 when their old band Helfahrt lost one of their members. They are brilliant persons and very well musicians to work with. We still work with the same lineup and take care of the band, the band climate is positive.

5) At 30th of September you will perform at the Benelux, is there a festival or country you dream of to perform in some day?

We do not play in Benelux at this time. With Thulcandra I would like to play a couple of great festivals here in Germany such as the Party.San Festival, Hell's Pleasure, Ragnarök or alternatively the Fistfull of Metal Fest. We are open minded to play in every country that is possible.

6 ) Each concert is different, what do you do to get the crowd along?

We use our way of production to bring a neccessary feeling to the crowd, no blood - just pure music and ice cold riffage.

7) Do you guys already have specific plans for the near future, for example, a new album or videoclip?

Right now we are working on new tracks and take care of the press for this album. Also a couple of shows are already planed, maybe a real tour will come together as well. Besides that we are working on a re-release of our early material as many people ask for those tracks. Maybe in 2012 we will have the right time to let them go to see the light.

Photos By Christian Weiss & Sylwia Makris

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