SOPDue to the new release of Stream of Passion's Darker Days we had a little chat with Marcela. Among other things about motivation and their plans for the future. Read on to find a very pleasant interview with this Mexican soprano!

1.The name Darker Days, what was the band's inspiration for it? Is there a theme behind the name?
Most of the songs on the album are inspired on hard times and difficult periods of time, be it personal experiences or things going on in the world. That’s why we thought this title would be so suiting.

2.Darker Days is the third full album, do you feel you've grown as a musician. And does it translate into SOP's sound?
I believe it does. One of our goals was to incorporate more different influences and ideas into our music, and that forced us to go a bit out of our way; we learned a lot in the process!

3.Currently you are one of the Netherlands finest upcoming bands. What do you feel makes Netherlands so unique that band after band keeps producing such quality music in the genre.
I think the fact that there’s a big following of the genre in the country makes a huge difference. The fans are very open to discovering new bands, and I think that support has encouraged the formation of new bands.

4.Does Stream of passion has goals or plans it wants to reach in the future? Like standing on big metal festivals such as graspop.
I think our goals are pretty straightforward: to take our music to as many places as possible, and play our asses off! Festivals would be fantastic!

5.You will be performing twice in Belgium this year. How do you think the audience will react to the new material?
I hope they enjoy it! We’ve had some fans from Belgium over for a few Dutch shows, and they were quite enthusiastic about the new songs. So I hope this is a good indication of what we’ll encounter over there as well :)

6.Your last show is female voices, does that signify an end to your tour in this region or is broad Europe next?
We’re still considering some different options for going on tour through the rest of Europe. I hope we can reveal some more information soon!

7.One last question now. Do you have a message to our readers and your fans?
Thank you so much for your wonderful support! We hope you enjoy “Darker Days” as much as we enjoyed making it, and hopefully see you soon on a stage near you!

Pictures by Stefan Schipper / Image Editing by Martijn Peters

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