Aktarum is een Belgische band die al met enkele zeer grote namen het podium heeft mogen delen.Dit jaar nog tourden ze samen met Tourisas en deden met deze tour ook de Biebob in Vosselaar aan.Naar aanleiding van dit optreden besloten wij bij Darkview hen te proberen strikken voor een interview.De heren wilden erg graag meewerken,maar lieten weten dat de antwoorden even op zich konden wachten omdat ze een erg hectische periode doormaakten op gebied van optredens ed.

Thomas (aka Trollour),de zanger en keyboardspeler van de band vond toch een gaatje en beantwoordde al mijn vragen!

- Could you tell us where the band name Aktarum came from?

"Aktarum" was derived from the name "Actarus", a hero in the animation series "Goldorak".We wanted a name that didn't exist yet,something unique,so we changed a couple of letters and obtained our name.In our story,"Aktarum" is a village where trolls live.

- How was the concept of troll metal created? What made you decide to choose trolls as a theme and inspiration?

The concept came unbidden,without warning,just like that...I think the trolls just fit our image.They love nature,party,alcohol and fights.So we decided to just go with the madness.

- The in 2010 released album 'Gang of Trolls' is your first full length album,and 13 out of 14 titles have the word troll in it.

It is true that there's only one song on the album that doesn't have the word troll in it (poor thing).And like everyone else,you would like to know why.Certain people seem to think that too much troll will kill it and that people will end up getting tired of it.As a response to the critics, "Fight to death" was born.The fact that we gave alot of songtitles the word "troll" in it was mostly a running gag between us,and we wanted it to be on the album.

- Do you ever wonder if the troll-gimmick will get old and boring after a while?Do you think that it might limit the band's ability to grow in the future?

No! I don't think so, I still have alot of ideas for lyrics and stories on that subject,I don't see the end of it just yet. :) It's no more limited or annoying than to talk about war,Satan or hatred for 10 albums or so.

- What was it like for you,being a fairly recent Belgian band, to be able to tour with bands such as Eluveite,Ensiferum and Turisas?

Well,I have no idea!One thing that's for sure is that it's been a real pleasure to share the stage with these bands that are known worldwide.I think mostly it's been a matter of luck,meeting the right persons at the right time.That and maybe the fact that we are motivated as a band to just leave at any given moment to play some gigs.

- I read on your Facebook page that you are working on touring through Eastern Europe : has there been any progress?Is there a specific reason you are drawn to performing in Eastern Europe?
I am working on realising a tour there,yes.But I've had to put that idea aside for now so we could concentrate on our new EP.We will make preparations for 2012,and would prefer to join an already existing tour (maybe with one of the bands we've already shared a stage with).

- Aside from touring in Eastern Europe,what else are your goals as a band ? What would you like to accomplish in the near future?
We would like to release a new EP,produce new T-shirts,posters,stickers...And most of all work on a European tour by 2012.We are a bit behind on our projects due to a recent line-up change (drummer), but we are slowly but surely realising all of the above.

Wij wensen de jongens van Aktarum nog héél veel succes met hun komende projecten!

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