First of all thank you for your time to conduct an interview with us. We are very excited to have you here.


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Where do you get your inspiration for your song lyrics ?
From what I’m interested in: ancient civilization and mythology. The dark aspects from mythology.

Is it mainly Scandinavian background?
No , it could be any culture or influence. Even the Mayans and the Egyptians.

Since you do everything by yourself with no group dynamics, do you still find plenty of inspiration?
Yes, music has been my life since I was 15-16 years old. It’s been my life's work.  The group dynamic gives me some ideas but the original idea is always mine.

Your previous album was released in 2007. Why a waiting period of 4 years?
I really didn’t know if the band would still exist, after I moved to Belgium. And before the other albums it was 6 years. And we had recorded a few albums in short time. We were releasing cd’s but not anything that’s been renewed.

Are you ever planning to get permanent crew members?
Yeah off course, but it is hard to find the right people for what you want to achieve with the music. The plan is to have a permanent base with people to work with. Yeah that’s the plan… Before I was working with Draugen the drummer from the first album till the last album… Then I moved so it wasn’t possible for him to be in the band anymore. That was a mutual understanding between us, but now I’m looking  for new people.

You’ve been on tour with Behemoth and Desaster. When can we expect a new tour of Svartsyn?
There is nothing planned at the moment and I don’t know. I cannot answer that at the moment. But of course it would be nice to do some shows.

''Wrath upon the Earth’’ was released this year. What were the reactions you received from your fans and friends?
Euhm …there have been some mixed reviews, from people thinking it is our best album so far to some who say it’s not so good. But most people say it’s a very heavy, aggressive album. So most reactions are good, although some reactions were negative.  But that is something you have to live with. You cannot please everybody.

Did you feel you made advancements on musical and technical levels with this album compared to the last?
No, I don’t think I have evolved as a musician since the first record, but the ideas and the spirit of the music is always developing. And I feel that we've made a more aggressive album with this new one. And it’s a right album for now…. It lays in the time the album with the 2012 coming up and its really much based on that with the maya’s prophecy.

Are there any new plans for your next album ?
Yes we are already in preproduction with the new albums. We have our first album ‘’ The True legend’’ that will be rereleased again.  We're now busy with rerecording the guitars and vocals on it, giving it a totally new sound. That’s what is going to happen. That will be released this year, we don’t have a date yet probably October or November.

We are looking forward to it.
Everybody does. *laughs*

You move from Sweden to Belgium a couple of years ago. What kind of influence did that have on your cd and the band?
The only influence it had was that I had to stop. Because it takes time to know what you want to do and to find the people that know how to produce. It’s a little bit different because I worked with Draugen for over 13 years. And it is a step back that he can’t play with Svartsyn anymore, but you have to go forward.  So it hasn’t really effected the band, especially not musically.

''Svartsyn’’ has released 7 albums so far. What’s your personal favorite ?
I think every album has its own touch, we haven’t really made an album that sounds the same. And each album has something that sticks out. But my personal favorite I think is ‘’ Destruction of man ". That’s the one I feel  I have made the best work off.

The last one: Do you want to give any kind of message to our readers and your fans ?
Yeah that we have 3 new releases coming up within at least 3 years. And we have plenty of plans for the merchandise. And there’s also a new ‘’Svartsyn’’ homepage coming up only a few details remain to be adjusted. And keep yourself informed through our Myspace or the upcoming website.

Thank you for your time , and for the interview. We are looking forward to your next albums.

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