Power Quest just released a new album called "Blood Alliance", is going on a European tour and is coming to Belgium! More than reason enough to go ahead and ask for an interview!



  • How is the tour going at the moment? What was the biggest thrill so far?

Hey there! Well, the UK tour was really cool. We played London, Derby, Manchester and Glasgow and each night was great fun! It was awesome to see so many familiar faces and friends again. It’s hard to pick one show above another, I think they were all a real pleasure to be honest.

Before the UK headline tour we did a UK tour with Symphony X as well. That was a really great experience. Most of the PQ guys are huge fans of SX so it was really something to meet Russell, Michael and the rest of the guys and to get to watch them play every night.

  • You are coming to Belgium, Holland and Germany for the first time, does this make you guys extra nervous?

To be honest I’m more excited than nervous really. It’s always a thrill to play in new countries and territories and it will be our first ever headline shows in Europe too so it’s exciting from that point of view as well. We really can’t wait to get there!

  • I certainly expect a great outcome for the band here in Belgium, anything you would already like to tell us?

Well I know we have had tremendous support from Belgium over the years, from the fans and the media alike and I really can’t wait to get there and meet everyone as well as play a show for you guys too. It’s just a shame that there is only one show in Belgium but hopefully we will get to come back and not have to wait another 10 years to do so J

  • One last question about the tour. Does it get harder the longer it goes, or do you all get energy and inspiration out of it?

I think it really depends on how you are traveling. If you are in a nightliner then I find it way less tiring than if we are using a van and staying in hotels. Unfortunately this year it will be the van and hotels. The great thing about the nightliner is that once you are on board you can go to bed if you want and then just wake up at the next venue. Hotels tend to mean late nights and early starts. On the recent UK tour we were getting maybe 4 hours sleep each night and that does catch  up with you after a while.

For the European tour, I think the journeys are all quite short so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem I don’t think.

  • The Album was released in Japan earlier this year and got a great reception, how does it make you feel to get such praise in such a difficult market?

Japan has always been a big supporter of Power Quest ever since the “Neverworld” album was released over there in 2003. I’m very proud of the fact that it has always been one of the best markets for PQ and we have some amazing fans out there who have followed us since the demo days in 2001/2.

It would be a dream come true to be able to travel across the world to visit the people of Japan one day but of course at the moment they have many problems there after the recent tragedies and we send our very best wishes to everyone out there.

  • After working 14 hours a day to finish the album, how proud are you of it?

I’m immensely proud of this new album. I don’t think I have been so proud of a record since the very first one, but for very different reasons. I was proud to release an album back in 2002…..it was a dream I had since childhood and to finally hold Wings of Forever in my hands was an incredible feeling.

Blood Alliance is a different story entirely. I’m proud of all the guys for all the hard work they put into the new album, both in the rehearsal room and in the studio. I don’t think I have ever felt so much pressure when making an album. I knew this had to be the best PQ record yet and I believe we have delivered the most cons

istent set of songs yet. It was a real labour of love for me as I was involved in all aspects from song writing through production and even the mix as well.

The fact that we are already playing 7 new songs in the live show tells the story of how much we believe in the new material and the reaction from the fans has been incredible too.

  • The New Merchandise came out for the UK tour not too long ago, from what I could find it's truly amazing! Any plans on releasing it for the rest of Europe-World?

I’m glad you approve! Actually the new merchandise is available to order from the Power Quest online store at www.power-quest.co.uk . You can order from anywhere in the world and each order is dealt with by me personally.

  • A new Album, a new line of merchandising and to top it all off a world tour that is rocking the very foundations of the earth, could it get any better than this?

Well, it can always get better! We all still have day jobs to support ourselves as we cannot make a living out of the band at this moment in time but I hope that maybe with the next album this situation will start to change. It’s tough out there when you don’t have any financial support to go on tour. All costs for hotels, transport, fuel and food are paid for by the band. When you open for bigger bands of course you don’t get paid, and often have to pay to be on the bill, so it’s tough to be able to break even never mind make money.

But I do this because I love doing. I love the music, I love the fans and I love traveling to new places and meeting new people. That’s the best thing about being in a band!

  • What song on the album is your favorite? Does it have a special meaning?

That’s a very difficult question for me personally as of course I’m the main writer in the band but if I would have to choose 2 songs at the moment they would be “Blood Alliance” and “Better Days”.

“Better Days” just because it has that 80’s stadium rock vibe and is so much fun to play live. I always try and make the title tracks something special on a PQ record and “Blood Alliance” I co-wrote with Andy Midgley (we actually wrote City of Lies and Crunching the Numbers together as well). It’s 9 minutes long but never seems anywhere near that long. I love so many aspects of that song, including the galloping verses and the very melodic solo section. The ending has quite a dark vibe as well, which is maybe something different for PQ as well.

“Blood Alliance” is a song about secret societies but it is also about the new alliance within Power Quest as well. Again, this song is a blast to play live!

  • "Survive" is a very deep song, is it about someone specific or did the inspiration come from life in general?

This song is really about the environment and how we are slowly killing the planet we live on with our ridiculous behaviour. Global warming is proof of this as is the number of natural disasters that are occurring almost weekly around the world these days.

A number of the songs on the new record are inspired by real life events and people and I think this is something that will continue in the future.

  • Chity your voice has a very warm feel to it, not quite as let's say screamy and cold as most metal bands, which gives a sudden twist to the songs, do you like it that way?

As Chity isn’t here at the moment, I’ll try and answer this one. Chity has a natural bluesy, soulful edge to his voice which works really well with the PQ sound and is not something you normally associate with melodic or power metal.

It was always going to be interesting to see how people reacted to a very different vocalist, and I appreciate that I was taking a risk in going down that particular road, but I think it has worked out really well. Chity also brings a lot of experience to the band as well and of course I worked with Chity on a project with David Shankle (Manowar) a couple of years ago which is when we met for the first time.

  • Crunching the Number is a song about the world economical crisis, a double bassdrum along with screeching of synthesizers play right into the heavy metal fans, do you hope to bring attention to the problem to your fans with this number?

Well, yeah. I think it is always possible to combine serious lyrical subjects with catchy uplifting music and this is what we are trying to do with this song. I know lots of metal fans don’t care about lyrics but for me the lyrics are as important as the music. Certainly this is how I am thinking as I’m getting older. I think it’s important that people try and understand the world we live in. I know it can be boring to read a newspaper or watch the news on TV so why not try and use songs to get the message across to people?

I listen to a lot of older, classic bands like Journey, Foreigner and stuff like that. These guys really know how to craft a song and there is always something to learn from these guys.


I can't wait until they come to Belgium! And the wait isn't that long! If you want to see these guys Live remember this: 09.06.11 - Genk, Belgium - GC Drieschaar
If you need tickets click HERE!


I would like to thank Power Quest and Steve Williams for this interview.



Photos by Dijana Capan / www.division-images.com

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