oli.jpgSons of Seasons heeft op 1 april hun nieuwe cd gereleased(nee dit was geen grap). En dus is er reden genoeg om eens een babbeltje te slagen met gitarist Oliver. Onze review van het album kan je trouwens hier lezen.


How have fans reacted so far to the new album 'Magnisphyricon'?
The only real complaints we received were about pronouncing the title correctly, haha. Besides that, the reactions were pretty overwhelming, matching the reviews. Also, during the Kamelot tour, we got a lot of positive feedback from fans in person when we met and talked after the concert at the merchandise booth. That is always the greatest reward for a musician!

The new album surprised me because it contains quite a different number of styles.Can we expect the same kind of variety on the next album?
That is one of the core elements of Sons Of Seasons. To change that, would mean to lose the soul of our music. When I compose for this band, I want to take the listener to musical realms not experienced before. Of course we can't invent the wheel anew, but the mixture is new.

My favourite song on the new album is the titlesong 'Magnisphyrion : adjustment'.What inspired the song's name?

Oh, ok, that's a first! It is the intro of the album. 'Adjustment' it is called because it is meant to tune the listener into what is coming after. It is very classical, with a traditional choir arrangement.

When can we expect to see Sons of Seasons perform in Belgium?
We played already a couple of times there, in the Trix/ Hof Ter Lo and the Route 66. In a few days from now we play in Lessines, in the Centre Culturel René Magritte, during our double headliner tour with MaYan, the new project from Epica's Mark Jansen.

Next year will be the band's 5th anniversary.Will you do something special to celebrate it?

We don't really see it as the fifth year. Yes, I founded the band beginning of 2007, but our real start was the release of 'Gods Of Vermin' middle of 2009. It still feels pretty fresh, and also regarding the circumstances, the touring, the actual size of the band, we have way to go.

You'll be touring with Epica in the near future : what are your expectations?
We did a whole European tour with Epica already two years ago, and played some single gigs after. The only further concert with Epica confirmed is a show in Pratteln, in the Z7, in June.

If we were to interview you again in another 5 years,what would you hope to have accomplished,both professionally and privately?
It is difficult to look so far ahead in this business. Basically every year something unexpected happens. I am very happy how things are going, and if I do the same in five years what I do now - touring, producing, song writing -, you can call me a happy dude.

And now for a question from your fans : what is your most memorable tour experience so far?
The exchange of energies with our audience, at every gig! That is what this profession is about: The communication with the fans through the music being played.

Dank je wel Oliver om tijd vrij te maken voor onze prangende vragen! Maak van je volgende optreden een kickass experience!

met dank aan Stefan Heilemann voor de foto

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