Elusion_with_logo.jpgLast week Elusion performed in JH Asgaard near Gent. And we had the chance to talk to Singer Evy before they went on stage. You can read about their thoughts and experiences underneath. 


Elusion is a brand new band, This is your third show if I counted correct. 

Yes,that is totally right. This is our third show. We had our first one in december. That was Wallonie, so we are already taking over the southern part of the country. Then last week a show and now here.

Can you introduce Elusion to our readers?

Elusion,Yea, symphonic metalband. I don't want to stick any more labels to it. I know people want to hear "its a blackmetal band or a gothic metal band or a death metal band." But for us it remains open. And that is where the name Elusion originates. Elusion actually means to slip away in a sly way, to escape. And to us its escaping from daily life,to reality. But on the other side we are also going to escape to the box mentality that is so prevalent. Everyone likes to place each other into boxes and types. So yeah, Female fronted metal, i don't know if that is a better word.

Can we state that this is the concept behind the band, Elusion?

Yes maybe it does. You probably heared it as well. The songs on the EP are all rather different. Both in style and atmosphere. And that is actually the intention. Well not really the intention, its not a forced way of writing songs. But naturally it has lead to songs that each stand on their own. each song tells a separate story, but with a wholly different feel. So maybe it fits in that concept, yes.

What where the reactions to your shows so far?

The reactions where very positive so far. I was not really satisfied myself from the first show. I was having a bad laryngitis. so that did not went 100% to my liking. But last week was very good. So far the reactions are positive. There is a lot of speed in the songs, its all going rather fast. So that creates a certain energy of course. I like it, and apperantly the public likes it as well.  

Domingo played with Ancient Rites for the past 15 years. But Elusion is a brand new chapter. I read he felt the need to seek new musical places. Can you talk about this? 

Yes, you need to ask the specifics to Domingo of course. But it is that he played with Ancient Rites for 15 years. He created an orchestra for the last cd of Ancient Rites. But it always stayed within the style of Ancient Rites. There was a kind of defined recipe where the band is tied to. And with Elusion he got carte blanche. It was like, Do your thing. Do whatever you feel like. And that shines trough in the songs. Them having different influences.  

You already have an EP with 3 tracks. Are there plans or aspirations to create a first album?

Absolutely, absolutely. Yes the EP is being received very well everywhere. This is a sort of address cart for us. It is always about waithing how the people will react to it, how the world reacts to it. And that is very positive. And then came the need to perform. For that you need more songs. And yes we keep writing songs. We are busy right now on a couple of new ones. So we have the ambition to head back to the studio to record by the end of the year. And it will be a complete album. 

Domingo and you are married. What is it like to work together as husband and wife? 

In a way its ok. He is very strict with recording and all of that. So that sometimes happens enough to bore us, or create discussion. Again, again, again. So i need to pull trough that sometimes. But in the broad sense i cannot say any negative thing. In a way i like it even. Its another way in which you are working together. Not as man and wife, but more as co-musician. You interact with each other in a different way. 

 How does the band react to this. does it feel weird? 

No, they never knew us... yes they did knew us as married, not married. To them its normal. I don't think the band has the impression: thats a couple.  On rehersals or recordings or whatever. We are just all musicians. And I hope to keep it that way. 

describe everyone in Elusion with one word. 

 Oh, that is a tough one.

Or two or 3 words, core sentences.

Okay, lets see.  Kristof the basist: the silent force. Domingo as guitarist, the creative one. Fre the drummer... the technical man. And then Mark the second guitarist, the big added value.


Elusion is programmed for the FemMe battles. That is no small festival anymore. Do you guy's are up for it? 

Yes! its a very fine thing for us. If you are going for just one year. To already make it with the first preselection. And to showcase your talent like that. So i am really hoping we make it to the finals. That would be absolutely fantastic. I am really in the mood for it.

Because, as a starting band. To share the stage with big ones as Delain ...

Yes, that's fantastic right. You cannot wish anything better than that. 

Some people like to know who produced the album. Or the EP. And who is responsible for the artwork. They like to have funfacts like that. Can you talk about it.

The CD is completely in own production. Mixing and mastering is all done by Domingo. And the artwork is done by Hardbringer Design. We got in touch with them. We talked about our idea's, played some songs and out of that the artwork was born. 

Darkview is a Belgium international e-mag. Is there something you want to say to our readers and visitors? 

Oh that is a really difficult question. I think, mostly, keep supporting all the bands in the metal scene. And be open to discover young new bands. sometimes that is difficult. Motivating yourself to go out and discover 2 small bands in the youth-venue's. And sometimes great things can come out of that. And i think that is something like: Look futher than the big names. Because those small bands, there are real gems among them.

 Thank you for this fun conversation and enjoy performing tonight. 

Thank you, thanks for the interest!


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