Freshly signed on Nuclear Blast ,the introspective black metal Ghostbath took just enough time away from staring at their shoes to talk a little about their newest album ‘Moonlover’.



A name like bloodbath doesn’t take much imagination to picture what it’s about, but what is a ghostbath?


Suicide by drowning oneself in a body of water.


What’s the story with you guys originally pretending to be from China?


It is quite a long story. It was basically originally something that didn't seem to be a big deal and when the band exponentially grew in popularity, it sort of blew out of proportion.


There are a lot of elements taken from black metal in your sound, but how would you describe your music yourself?


I am not a fan of describing my own music for others. The most I will say is we try to express basic human emotions that all can relate to. To the listener, it matters more of what experiences and what state of mind they are in while listening than is does our specific intent.


Thematically you don’t seem to take to the satanic fare of traditional black metal. What does inspire you?


Depression. Hate. Beauty. Human Emotion. Tragedy. Ecstacy. Doom.


The artwork is also very peculiar? Where did you come across this beautiful piece?


I already had the album name, "Moonlover" and had been searching for a piece for a while. It was quite a long time ago but I remember seeing the piece and immediately knowing that it was right for the work. So I contacted Luis Gonzalez Palma and got permission to use it.


Golden Number” is clearly the stand out track with a very catchy melodic base. Is this how you will see Ghostbath evolving?


I don't think it will be a single line of evolution towards that sound. I think we will obviously evolve as a band, but not in a single direction. The trilogy will take us in many directions.


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