Magnus Pelander, the driving force behind Sweden’s long lasting doomrockers, Witchcraft; talks about their latest record, ‘Nucleus’.



On ‘Legend’ you put your guitar aside to concentrate solely on your singing. For ‘Nucleus’ you’ve taken back the six string again. Did you miss it too much?


Yes, it seems I actually did. I kind of by accident realized that I had progressed a bit on the guitar. So that made it even funnier.

I picked it up while rehearsing with a couple of guys who did not end up on the album and while doing so I realized I had some fucking powers in my hands. I did not intend from the beginning to play on the whole album but I enjoyed it so much that I did.


You’ve started now with a completely new lineup? Did it not work out with the ones you recorded the previous record with?


Exactly, the communication didn’t work out very well. We're still friends today but it was sad what happened. We definitely had the magic going for us. But I'm super proud with this album as well.

You have to move on.


I find ‘Nucleus’ to be you doomiest album so far. It’s got that really heave Candlemass like vibe to it? Is that the influence from the new guys?


Nope, I write all the music myself and I don't think anything about their playing style is reminiscent of Candlemass at all. Personally I hear no Candlemass in our music even though I listened to them a little bit when I was a kid. But that's what I love about music and art. We all have our personal interpretations.



It also sounds much gloomier and more evil or negative if you will than any of your previous records who generally had a rather positive tone?


Maybe it does but most importantly this is your experiences and emotions and I will repeat myself and say that this is what is so lovely about art. Different things move different pieces in everybody.


The cover is also quite remarkable, more something you would expect on an old Pink Floyd LP?


Thanks. It’s an Amplituhedron made by an artist named Andy Gilmore.

Maybe you could expect that on an old Pink Floyd album but now it's on a Witchcraft LP.


 Any chance we will go to see you soon on a Belgian stage?


Yeah, I should do some stand-up comedy over there. Just kidding.

Was it funny? Do you think I can make it?


I miss the Belgian chocolate a lot so I'm pretty sure we'll meet again me and Belgium. At the moment there are no touring plans though.

Hopefully we'll come back!


Any final words?


Don't believe the hype and go out and buy all the Internal Void albums you can find.

Super thanks for showing interest in the band and good luck with everything.






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