nick.jpgWhen Mikael Akerfeldt said farewell to his buddies in Bloodbath again, Jonas Renske and Anders Nystrom had to look for an new vocalist, which they found in the frontman of their all time favourite band, Paradise Lost: Nick Holmes. The new album ‘Grand Morbid Funeral’ is the first outcome of this remarkablecollaboration.

How did you get involved as Bloodbath’s new singer?

We (PL) toured the US with Katatonia during 2011, The guys asked me then, so Ive had a few years to ponder over the opportunity, Im already friends with the guys, so that also helped the descision

A decade ago you would have been quite uncomfortable with being part of a death metal band again as Paradise Lost was trying to veer off as much as possible from that style ever since the end of the last century. Like Gregor in Vallenfyre you seem to be more at ease now with your early career?

Death Metal was very much part of my teenage years, and it never really goes away,Im old enough to have plenty of hindsight and those days were probably some of the best, Death metal was fresh and exciting in the 1980s, BB is kind of trying to encapsulate that I guess,and I enjoy the nostalgia as much as anything

Both Anders and Jonas make no secret of being huge Paradise Lost fans. How was the experience for working with them?

Its cool , we are all friends and that makes things much easier, theres no egos or anything,we are all just old school fans coming together with one mutual goal.

Were you familiar with their work on Bloodbath before they contacted you?

Yes, Nightmares made Flesh was the first stuff  I heard although, I was familiar with them long before then,  Ressurection through Carnage is my fave release though

Was this a onetime only event or could you see yourself staying with them for some time longer?

I’ve no idea, I think the album is great and I’m really happy with it ,We all have other commitments though so we will fit BB in around them, Its very much a project I guess.

With both you and Gregor re-exploring your deathly roots, have you played with the idea of doing something together in the vein of your early days again?

I doubt it would happen as we are busy with PL 2014, but you can never say never

You’re already confirmed for the Neurotic Deathfest in Tilburg next year. Any other tour plans? You could make it a triple bill with Paradise Lost, Katatonia and Bloodbath?

BB are doing around 10 festivals then thats it as far as I know,Its better to do key shows and special rather than an actual tour, Dont hold your breath for that triple bill. ;-)


Look out for BB in 2015 and thanks!

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