alt Albion has a special place in its heart for grandiose doom being the home to Cathedral, Solstice or the Peaceville three just to name a few. The 2 man band Dea Marica fits neatly in that rich tradition.  Riccardo Veronese talks about their second album ‘Curse of the  Haunted’.

How did you team up , You’ve worked together previously on Aphonic Threnody?

Dea Marica was our first project together and during the recording of the second album me and Roberto decided to form Aphonic Threnody.

Roberta Mura is also very involved in some excellent funeral doom projects like Arcana Coelestia and Urna. Can we still expect something new from that front?

Yes Roberto recorded his vocals at my studio for the new URNA album which has just been mastered. I have heard it and it sounds really good. I had not really heard a lot of their material before but I am now a fan of it.

You’ve developed a sound which is quite typically British and rather reminiscent of bands like My Dying Bride and more so even Mourning Beloveth.

Thank you, I try to develop my own style of music but it is great to be compared to these bands. The mood is quite depressive in my melody composing but some hope and light is always around.

2 band members decided to step out, which left only the 2 of you. What happened?

To be honest we could not find a bass player and in the end we decided to just keep it a studio project for the future. Chris the drummer had a few problems but I brought him in on my other band Gallow God so he seems happy. Patrick is still around so you never know about getting back later on.

What has changed in your eyes apart from the lineup since you first EP?

I would say everything. The structure of the songs is much better and overall the production side of things was changed and the whole sound is bigger. I did not like the mix we got of the Ritual of the Banished and it was no way as good as it should have been. Roberto also had more freedom to explore his vocals this time and we have had no negative feedback about his vocals this time.

How did you get in contact with Weird Truth.

I contacted them as soon as we mastered the album and Makoto pretty much offered us a deal very quickly. We were very happy to get on this label and hopefully we can do more albums through Weird Truth.

How do you see the state of British doom today?

I think it is getting stronger by the day. So many bands are coming out and the genre is really strong at the moment. Only good things are ahead I feel.

The finally track also stands out. Why did you choose a well-known traditional like Lady Greensleeves?

This was actually my partners idea. She said it would make a great cover so I tried it and it came out great. It is a lot of people’s favorite song. I liked the idea of doing a traditional old folk song to.

Any plans to do some gigs on the mainland?

Not at the moment but like I said we may get back together as I think our sound would be big live and sounded great in the rehearsal room.

And on the new album?

Work has begun on the third album already. We may have six new songs and are going to remix three of the old ones from Ritual. Balefire, Dea Marica and The Silence of the Shore. I want people to hear these as they should be with proper production. They will also feature guest vocals and guitar work from different bands so should be fun and more death grunts from the Roberto.

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