alt In case you missed them a couple weeks back at the Lokerse Feesten or any of the other festival or if you simplty want to relive the Sabaton experience, the sweet Swedes have just released a lavish DVD set. Bass player Pär Sundström talks about their most exuberant show ever.

Why did you choose the Polish Woodstock festival as the location for the DVD?

When we saw footage of earlier years we knew it would be great. It was also in the end of the summer so we had gotten some experience since we went through the lineup changes. It was the right time after like 13 years and 6 studion albums to do a live DVD.

How did the promoters react to you grand plans? It must have been quite a task to set this all up and get it organized?

They liked it. It was a lot of things we needed to solve like that normally bands there play less then 60 minutes and we needed to do a full show. We went down to speak to them in person and discuss the details. We are very satisfied with the organisation.

We just saw you at the Lokerse Feesten a few weeks back? How did you like that festival?

I loved it a lot. I loved the city too. Spent the whole day walking around in the city and the surroundings. Very beatiful place and it was such a great day too. It was also very well organsised and we felt really welcome by the organisors. I hope we can come back one day! 

From the very start you’ve been quite successful in Belgium. Why do you think that is?

We got a very good start, we got to play on Graspop as early as 2007 which definitivly helped bringing Sabaton to new fans. Since then Belgium has always been fantastic shows and amazing people. We often call Belgium our second home when it comes to concerts and so.

Is this the definitive live experience of Sabaton or are you looking for something even bigger in the future?

Well with the hundreds of thousands of people being there I am not sure we will ever play a bigger show. But it does not matter so much. To play the shows in clubs are usually more fantastic. All the shows in Hof Ter Lo we have done have all been magic. The atmosphere in there cannot be taken to an open air arena. When its 100% Sabaton fans in a club its always the best.

What were you favorite memories from the last tour and your least favourite?

It’s so difficult to choose something. If I got to choose one show maybe it will be Gothenburg which is also on the DVD: It was our first arena headlineshow and it was absolutely great night.

The least good I have no idea but there were some shows in Czech republic where I was really really sick and could not enjoy the shows. Sad since they were ice halls packed with crazy Czech people and I could not enjoy it.

What lies next, working on the new album or a well-deserved break from it all?

We don’t take breaks, its not possible to do for a band like us. We cannot afford it and also we love to play. So we have started working on a new album which we gonna record this winter for a early summer release next year. It will be exciting to have new songs.

You’re obviously very interested in military history, ever wanted to do something with that passion outside of music, like writing a study about it or a piece of fiction?

I’m happy with what we do now. If I want to do something extra I wanna do a music video, but longer. With more acting and more storytelling. Normally its so hard with like 4 minutes video to be able to tell a story. We tried with Uprising video a few years ago but it was too expensive to make it longer.

What is your favorite era or which one are you mostly interested in now?

World War 2 definitivly. Its well documented and contains so much from around the world.

A a bit of a history buff myself I can’t resist historically flavoured  games, which are maybe not so accurate but all the more fun. Something you like as well?

I can enjoy that myself. I love to play videogames and such and even if I know that they are made up and so its exciting to do and good to relax the brain for a while.

Anything else to the fans? 

I am aware that its not possible to get a Sabaton show perfect on a digital format. Its supposed to be experienced live with all the sweat and volume together with lots of other fans. But I still feel very proud of this and enjoy watching it, hope you do it too.

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