To put the newly released album in the spotlight we asked an audience with supreme lord and vocalist Dany all. He was fortunately very happy to grant our request. But we are of course burning with questions. And all of them got answered!

For the people who don’t know you yet. Who are you, as a band. And how did it all start.

Hello. The band was created in 2007 by me, Dany, supported by Stefano from the very start, and later on by two of my fellow members of Synthphonia Suprema, Lorenzo and Francesco. Since I started to listen to metal (1997!!), I always longed to give birth to a concept around the fog, which is a typical feature of our land, and the character of the “Fog Lord” has always been in my mind, inspired by an ancient king that reigned on my city in 8th century. It’s been a long and hard work to build up this album, but we had the chance to have really great guests and a very satisfactory result.

You have chosen for symphonic epic metal, does this choice limit your growth? As there is not a lot of room to innovation in this genre.

I don't think that we risk to be limited. This genre is just a facet of our artistic paths. We each have other bands to express ourselves in various ways. For example the main one, Synthphonia Suprema plays modern-electronic metal with futuristic lyrics... so if I want to write something concerning fantasy, swords and battles I can work with Fogalord but when I need to write abstract and sci-fi oriented lyrics I can work for S. Suprema. They are two different sides of me... and I have different bands to express myself.

Where did you get the inspiration of the band name “Fogalord” ?

The name Fogalord is a wordplay based obiouvsly on the words 'fog' and 'lord', and we added  the letter 'A' in between, because, in Italian, the word 'Foga' means something like ‘a strong power and passion'. I chose this name many years ago (10? 12? I don't remember!) when I decided to write a concept inspired by that ancient king and by fog, as I explained before, and I wanted to keep this name though many years had passed and it’s not so easy to understand. This was the “original” name and I wanted to “be loyal” to the original idea that I kept and developed in my mind for such a long time.

The reactions you received on op ''A legend to believe in'', are they as expected ?

We are very satisfied with the audience reaction and critic’s, also, of course. Obviously, an album can’t be loved by everyone but almost all the reviews we had so far are very positive and we  are really glad of the attention that several webzines are paying to us with interviews and reviews. Most of all, we are so grateful about the support we are receving from people through our website and social pages, and we hope to keep on this way, even more!

Are you going to tour in the near future? If so, can we expect you in Belgium?

At the moment we don’t have any fixed plan about it, but we hope to have the chance to go on tour soon and to perform in many countries, in Belgium too, of course! Today it's difficult to tour a lot, because it's very expensive, but we'll do the best we can to bring our music live we hope to see you soon on-stage!

Are there new projects being planned for the (far) future?

I am already working on the second album.. and concerning the immediate future, we are about to shot a video of a song.. just waiting for the snow, which shall be the main character of the clip!! It will be very epic and powerfull, so stay tuned!!

Is there something you would like to say to the fans and readers?

First of all thanks to for yout attention and interest in our work, and also for your great review! Thank you  very much to all our fans, please keep on supporting us, and.. FOLLOW THE FOG also on and ! We hope that listening to ' A Legend To Believe In' you'll feel the same passion and power that we tried to unleash during the making of our album!! Stay epic!!

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