noxaeterna_thedesperationdeal.pngNox Aeterna is a Dutch melodic death metal band who released their fourth album in March 2015. When I started to listen to this album, the drums adjusted my heartbeat, the bass moved the blood through my veins and the guitar took my muscles. The voice of lead singer Arnold Boukes took my brain and I got devoured by the songs on this album. It got me stuck listening to it and head banging my way through. It felt like time stopped and all that was there was the music and the story my brain formed while listening to it.

Nox Aeterna is Latin for Eternal night. And that is exactly what they did, make me feel like nobody was around and time stopped, stuck with their music controlling my body. I can’t think of more words to describe the zoned out feeling I had.


01.The Impending Threat To A Legacy

02.Restless Vigilance

03.Blinded By Ruthless Envy

04.Einarr’s Remembrance

05.The Sick Awakening

06.Food For The Masses

07.First Encounter With Obscurity

08.The Becoming Of A Perfect Disease

09.Incipience Of A Legacy

10.Concious Creation

11.Resurrection: Impossible Perception

12.Loathe The Incertitude

13.Two-sided Setback

14.The Foreseeing Of Failure

15.Raanah’s Endgame


Label: Own label

Score:  9.5/10



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