begrapnis.jpgAfter the delightfully gloomy funeral Moth debut, Japanese label Weird Truth treats us to a second homegrown product with Begräbnis.

This trio from the north of Japan plays a very haunting style of funeral doom that takes a lot of influence from ambient spheres. Especially front woman Fumika,’s vocals have a unique eerie quality. This is their first official release after a couple of demos and sharing the stage with label mates Worship. The second half of the split is provided by the Australian band Estrangement. They are also newcomers who just previously released their demo ‘Belong Beneath’.  Theirs is an even more bizarre take on doom that adds a lot of symphonic elements through the use of classical instruments like flute, cello , violin and piano. That doesn’t make them any less heavy though, as the crushing guitars and the occasional outburst of brutality will show. Both bands offer one lengthy track each that covers quite a lot of ground considering all the different elements they work into the songs. A full album of both bands might be a bit overbearing, but as a split this works very well.






  1. Reinlich weisse Trauer
  2. Childlike Bewilderment


Label: Weird Truth


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