profetus_as_all_seasons_die.jpg As Profetus is in my humble opinion one of the brightest stars to have shone in the Finnish funereal sky in the past few years, it’s goes without saying that I was eagerly expecting their third full length.

‘As All Seasons Die’, like Vivaldi’s work, is based around the four seasons with each song representing one of them. Weird Truth will release the regular CD version in digipack, while the Finnish label Svart issues the vinyl version. The album starts out with spring, the birth and rebirth of life. This is a rather short track with serene organ sounds, gently strummed acoustic guitars and Anssi’s contemplative voice. A haunting intro that could easily stand shoulder to shoulder with the finer act on the Cold Meat roster. “ A Reverie ( Midsummer’s Dying)” brings us to summer, but it’s a bleak summer without sunlight where the doom truly sets in with crashing cymbals, funereal keys, massive, morose riffs and deep, prolonged guttural grunts. Contrary to many a funeral act, Profetus does not sound  oppressively claustrophobic. Quite the opposite its expansive vastness reflects the majesty and tranquil beauty of the surrounding nature. The tone is sad and melancholic, but not dejected and nihilistic.

On the third track “Dead Are our Leaves of Autumn” Justing Hartwig from Mournful congregation steps in with some appropriate and subtle lead work. A very successful collaboration that makes up the crowning achievement of this record and possibly their finest composition so far. The final song is reserved for the final season. Like the Finnish winters themselves it is the darkest and longest song. A time where life comes to a standstill, waiting patiently to be rekindled once more when spring comes.



  1. The Rebirth of Sorrow
  2. A Reverie (Midsummer’s Dying)
  3. Dead Are Our Leaves of Autumn
  4. The Dire Womb of Winter

Label: Weird Truth/ Svart





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