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Ignite Flow Arts Gathering 2017

From: Saturday 29 April 2017
To: Sunday 30 April 2017
Starttime: 10:00
Location : T'île Malines
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+++ IGNITE: 3rd International Flow Arts Gathering in Belgium +++
+++ Community building, workshops, jams, fire gala show and after party +++

To ignite is to literally catch fire or to cause to catch fire. It also means to arouse or inflame an emotion or situation. And that is exactly what we want to do: Ignite your passion for flow arts!

With this event, we want to promote flow arts and bring together the European Flow Community. Please come and join us! You can follow workshops given by national and international teachers, share tricks, jam, connect, hug and enjoy our amazing fire show gala (with a première!) and after party!

++ WHAT’S NEW? ++
Listening to your feedback and to the feedback of the teachers of the first two editions of Ignite, we tried to set up an interesting and extensive programme. What’s new?
-> 3 official workshop spaces instead of 2, so more workshops.
-> we have our lunch and dinner all together, creating a nice moment for interaction and connection. There is a meat and a veggie option. Price of the delicious food is included in the day price.
-> let’s keep life simple: the price is now all in (workshops and food) + you don’t need to subscribe for the workshops beforehand. You just pay for Saturday or for Sunday or for the full weekend, show up and follow any workshop you like! Easy peasy!

-> We are very proud to announce that the famous Ronan McLoughlin from Ireland will be teaching no less than 3 workshops at Ignite!!! Don’t miss the chance to learn from this poi master!
-> With 4 performances, the fire show gala on Saturday night will be smashing again. You will be able to enjoy the brand-new fire show (!) of Pyronix Production and Ronan McLoughlin will also set our stage on fire. The stage will be opened by 2 surprising and excellent acts! After the fire show gala, you can enjoy some dancing at the after party hosted by a great dj!

++ WORKSHOP DETAILS ++ (Timetable, see pinned post)
This workshop covers the psychology and how the brain picks up information and ways you can improve training sessions, understand muscle memory and things. An excellent workshop to start the weekend with as you will be able to apply what you learned in this workshop to what you will be learning in other workshops.

FIRE EATING & MANIPULATION – with Tibalt & Victoria (BE).
During this unique workshop, we will first learn the mechanics and dangers of fire manipulation. Then we will move on with the actual fire eating and fire manipulation: we will learn how to put a burning torch in our mouth and how to extinguish it, how to transfer a flame between torches and limbs, and how to put ‘your skin on fire’.
You have the possibility to purchase your own pair of hollow fire eating torches at the Ignite-discount price of € 20 a pair. Hollow torches allow for vapor tricks as well as the usual fire eating tricks. Personal hollow torches are greatly recommended for hygienic purposes.
Tibalt Van Duinkerke is a skilled firebreather and –eater with 20 years of experience in doing solo as well as group performances and workshops. As a versatile performer, he also practices poi, staff and other fire skills and runs his own troupe. Tibalt is bringing his partner, Victoria Rose, to assist at the workshops and give you the best support. Victoria is a burlesque and fire performer with a particular interest in anything peculiar, making fire eating and manipulation right up her alley.

Nana is known for her elaborate knowledge of tricks. No matter what level double staff-(wo)man you are, you will go home with plenty new tricks!

BUUGENG with Kaylie Kreatrix (Canada)
Buugeng is a lesser known tool that we like to introduce to you at Ignite. We provide a few buugeng sets and will teach you the very basics of buugeng. You will love it!
Kaylie is a well-known and very elegant buugeng spinner who will be teaching her buugeng balance workshop at this summer’s buugeng conference in the USA too.

POI BEGINNER with Ronan McLoughlin (IE)
Exploring the elements of timing and direction. Timing and direction are important elements of poi spinning. The earlier you learn this, the freer you will move with your poi at a later stage.
Ronan is an internationally known teacher and performer with loads of teaching experience and experience in talking to large groups. He has done multiple TED Talks about Learning to Learn.

In this workshop, I will cover some basics and transitions that are essential as well for beginners as for the more intermediate or advanced hoop dancer. The basics will be a set of basic hoop dance moves that I feel that are useful to learn from the beginning on, not only standard basics. I will show you how to flow more nicely from one move to another in a way of dance moves and steps, hoop transition techniques and transitional hoop move basics. If you want to learn from the beginning or smooth out your skills as a more advanced hoop dancer, you are all welcome and I'm happy to adjust to the level of hoop dancers in the group at Ignite.

FIRE SAFETY with Nellie & Joe (FR)
Nellie and Joe wrote a very elaborate and interesting guideline regarding fire safety and would love to share this with us. As we think this is a very important issue that concerns us all, we organise no other workshops at the time of this workshop. Let us all take 1 hour of our time, and listen to this life saving info.

Isolations are the basis for many beautiful off-body hooping moves. In this workshop we will practice how to make a good isolation and learn many variations to it. In the end we will string together a sequence of these moves for a nice flowy off-body hooping combination!

FACE, NOSE & HAIR HOOPING with Mascha Hoops (BE)
The title says it all, a class on three funny moves under the supervision of Mascha.

LEVI WAND with Wouter Blom (NL)
The levitation wand is a mystifying prop for flow, manipulation, dance, and performance! Once under control it’s a truly mesmerising tool to watch. Master Wouter Blom will teach you every trick he knows to gain control over this unique tool.

CONTACT STAFF with Zeb Ediah (UK)
There are two predominant styles for manipulating a fire staff: rotational (spinning) and contact. In rotational fire staff manipulation, the performer's hands are used to manipulate the motion and rotation of the staff. Contact fire staff is a technique whereby the performer rolls the staff over parts of their arms, legs and body. Both techniques can be used in a performance. This workshop, will focus on contact staff. Teacher is the very experienced and excellent staff performer Zeb.

POI ADVANCED with Ronan McLoughlin (IE)
Some of the most simple, effective and versatile poi movements. A way to slow the poi beyond circles, letting the flames take shape. Exploring the bottom half of the circle, from simple static pendulum control and long arm movements to advanced explorations into different types of pendulums and what happens when we combine pendulums with other movements.
(From basic to advanced).

Nunchaku is a weapon used in martial arts. This tool is also used by flow artists as a way of expressing themselves. Bjorn has been applying this art form for years and has found inspiration in other flow arts to extend his scale of movements and tricks. This workshop is open to everyone who has some experience with a tool (no matter which one). Bjorn provides some practice nunchakus.

CONTACT BALL with Wouter Blom (NL)
Contact juggling is a form of object manipulation that focuses on the movement of objects such as balls in contact with the body. Although often used in conjunction with toss juggling, it differs in that it involves the rolling of one or more objects without releasing them into the air. (© Wikipedia)
Wouter is an experienced multi-tool-performer.

This workshop is aimed at giving people new tools, techniques and possibilities on where their movement can come from. This workshop takes inspiration from all kinds of disciplines and art forms that I have come across on my journey, from contemporary dance, to mime, popping, waving to martial arts and tai chi.
For all levels.

COMBAT FLOW with Rick De Leeuw (NL)
This workshop will focus on stage presence and attitude. It will help you create more interaction with other artists and the audience as well as some additions to your choreography.
During this workshop, we will train your form, basic strikes, eye contact, basic duelling, safety and you will get additional creative input. Besides the above there will be a short theoretical introduction to (sword)fighting in western Europe, and how this does apply to us today.
Recommended for this workshop are solid props, nothing with chains, strings or moving parts. Sticks, staffs, swords and anything solid will do.

STAFF SPINNIING with Johannes Siemann (BE/GE)
The charismatic Johannes (who has a circus background) will take you to the exciting world of staff spinning. Expect a spontaneous workshop during which Johannes will also share with you his tips & ticks regarding theatrical performance and clown acts. Highly recommended!

All workshops are suitable for beginning and experienced flow artists, unless stated otherwise.

Barba-Rossa (BE)
Laëtscha Soltaan (FR)
Ronan McLoughlin (IE)
Pyronix Production (BE)

Details will follow later.

Camping space is available. Bring your own tent and sleeping bag.
! There are no showers, but you can freshen up in the bathroom (there is a sink).
Optional: drop your sleeping bag on the (dance floor) in the barn, after the party is finished (3 o’clock)

! Please pack up your tent by Sunday 14:00 as another event will take place at T’Iles Malines on Sunday evening (a masked ball!).

++ BAR ++
A gorgeous well equipped bar will quench your thirst. Make sure to bring a little extra cash as there is no atm-machine close by.

SUNDAY: € 40

Included in the Saturday price
- entrance
- all Saturday workshops
- food: lunch + dinner + 2 snacks
- fire jam (including fuel)
- fire show on Saturday
- a cosy camping spot for Saturday night

Included in the Sunday price
- entrance
- all Sunday workshops
- food: extensive brunch
- fire jam (including fuel)

There is no reduction for a weekend-ticket as prices are already very low (just covering the costs).

SATURDAY: € 15 for -12y
SUNDAY: € 10 for -12y
WEEKEND: € 25 for -12y

Free for -6y.

++ SHOPS (3!) ++
- Eazyflow shop offers you everything from practice props to professional gear.
- Nellie Tirel offers beautiful home-made flag pois
- Zeb K - Fire Performance Art from Kundalini will bring his amazing craftsmanship to our gathering.

Payment can be done to this account (different account than the one we used last year!):
BE75 7350 4587 7651
KBC Bank
!! Please specify the names of the people following workshops and the days (Saturday or Sunday or Full weekend).
You are officially registered after payment.
We can welcome maximum 100 people per day.

Rode Kruisplein 12
2800 Mechelen
The name of the event site is 'T'île Malines'

By car: the event site is not far from highway E19 exit 'Mechelen Noord'. Once you get off the highway, please follow the signs towards the city centre. Turn right at the traffic light when you see McDonalds on your right. Immediately turn right again onto the square, Rode Kruisplein. You have arrived!
There is plenty of FREE PARKING space on Rode Kruisplein or in the streets around (on Saturday and Sunday). Please park your car here and go further on foot as you cannot park on the event site (no worries, it is only a 1 minute walk).

By train + bus/taxi/feet: Mechelen is also easily reachable by train and has connections from all over Europe.
Feel free to post in the event if you want to share a taxi from the station to the event site. Taxis cost 10 euro max from the train station to the event site and will take approximately 10 minutes.
There are also busses going between the train station and the event site. You can plan your route on www.delijn.be. Please enter the following bus stops: going from stop ‘Mechelen Train Station’ to stop ‘Mechelen Rode Kruisplein’.
Or you can take a chill walk through the beautiful city of Mechelen, which will take about 25 minutes.

Whilst walking, please follow the 'T'île Malines'-signs to get to the exact location of the site. You need to walk next to the water. Keep the water on your right side (there is also water on your left), past the old swimming pool, past a concrete factory - so keeping these buildings on your left and the water on your right. In the far corner, you will find our beautiful event site!
Problems getting there: call Elise Gingerissa Beerens on 0478804995

Much love from Ignite! ♥

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